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Heh, the last few years I've had a sudden rush of ingrown toenails. All of them on the "big toe" and all of them got infected.

The first time I actually had one a little after it was slightly infected, I did some "self-surgery" with some metal objects, peroxide, and nail clippers. It seemed to help a little, but in the long run I just made it worse. :nono: And walking around the crowded halls at school, with people stumbling into you and stepping on your toe wasn't much fun either. I'd come home with part of my sock covered with dried blood. I finally broke down and went for surgery after I accidentally stubbed my toe on my guitar amp, and it bled like crazy.

I ended up having to go in for surgery to remove part of the nail. I had 4 procedures done in total (since two more came back a year later) and a whole lot of local anesthetic. (I probably had around 10-12 local anesthetic needles in total just from my foot surgeries.)

But it was such a relief when the surgery was over.

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