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I think at this point it is crazy to want to see a DR !!! No, really...I understand how you feel about least you will hopefully get some answers! Glad it is doing OK. You must have over done it last night. Mine still swells but not as bad and only if I have been on it alot. It hurts alot but I still think its from the sprain last year.
I had my big toe joint fused where the toe and the foot meet. the top joint isnt fused so it really is moving some. It has to be the muscles or tendons...I know I fewel something but at least I know I am not crazy. It freaked me out a little because so much has gone wrong now I am paraniod. I tried to push a five gallon of paint today at work with my foot...yeh, we should bend. Not a good idea!!! LOL. I guess I will get use to all this weird stuff...I dont know. Keep me posted on your ankle...May 5th you said???

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