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Wow, this has been one busy thread since I was last out here. I just returned from a road trip to the in-laws and am now catching up. A couple of things I'd like to add ...

Compression stocking - I have issues with swelling in my ankle, most of it was due to all the surgery I had on my foot (Brostrom Repair & Bunionectomy 8/2003, dislocated toe 9/2003, great toe fusion 3/2004), the Dr. said it was due to all the trauma. PT suggested the compression stocking, so I used it and it really help with the flexibility of the ankle and the tissue pain from all the swelling. I also had that blood clot and pulminary embolism after my first surgery, my GP tells me that I will always have issues with swelling in that leg from the clot, so I wear my stocking when I am on my feet a lot and when driving long distances (like to the in-laws - eight hours one way).

Now, because the the gap between when my toe dislocated and when I had my fusion (thanks to the embolism and coumadin therapy), I could walk properly and was on crutches most of the time, my ankle locked up on me and I had almost zero ROM. I insisted on PT and my therapist worked me hard. Eventually through PT sessions and exercises twice a day at home I was able to regain almost 100% of my ROM. Most of my problems was that the joint capsules had locked up and I felt it when they finally un-locked. At mt next PT sessions I had gained 10* in movement at once. All I can say, keep working on the PT. One exercise that I found that helped me, was rolling up a bath towel, put it under your foot and pull up on it to stretch the achilles tendon. Then also use it to pull your foot side to side. Also faithfully do ankle circles (I did them under the table while attending meeting at work) and the ABC's. It took me probably a good three months to most of the stength and flexibilty back. My Dr. did not think I'd do as well as I did in PT, so anything is possible.

I hope all of you are doing well. Take care -eko

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