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Happy Spring is right!!!!
Although, here in Memphis we are not having Spring like weather and neither are you from what I saw on teh Today show this morning. SNOW, bummmmeeeerrr!

You will not believe how quickly the strength comes back in your ankle though!!! Do lots and lots of those ankle exercises I told you about, they really work. You need to get your ankle back up to speed before you worry about your foot.

So, Winsor Pilates........How ya doin with that? Me? Terrible. I can't do any of it. I did the buns and thighs DVD and that one I guess I did o.k. but the Abs and the 20 minute burn DVD, YIKES. I was so glad to be in the privacy of my living room. That would have been extremly emberrassing in a class full of people. For one thing, I could hardly do any of the poses and for another....well lets just say my body likes to make strange noises in some of those positions. LOL But, I am going to keep at it, frustrated or not, becuase I do think its working. My abs and thighs are very sore. I wish I could take a long walk. I love to walk. I really miss it.

My big toe is starting to take its natural position after looking so crooked for 10 weeks. I think it looked that way due to swelling. I was getting really nervous because my toe didn't look like it had moved over at all. I thought, GREAT, he broke my toe in 2 spots to move it and it still is crooked. But, its starting to look better.
Do you ever read some of these posts where someone has had 5 surgeries or they had lots of complications after bunionectomies and ended up with all sorts of other problems? Well, that freaks me out! I sure hope this is the one and only surgery I have to deal with. Are you getting nervous about your next surgery or are you feeling pretty prepared?


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