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Thanks for all of the helpful post, threads & response. My foot surgery is scheduled for June 8 - right between my niece & grandsons 2 separate HS graduations... (which I'll miss) There is never a good time!!
My particular surgery will involve reconstruction of the entire foot. Mid foot arthrodesis, both lower extremities with forefoot reconstruction, metatarsal oblique shortening ostectomy, 2nd & 3rd hammertoe straightening with pins, bunion removal and distal tibial bone graft (from ankle) -- the doc will also refurbish flat foot by building up dorsal pad. Sounds more complicated than open heart... and YES, I'm scared s---less. I've had several operations in this life time, including breast cancer, but have never had a surgery that would require NON WEIGHT BEARING for any length of time. Am told I'll be in bed about a month to 6 weeks, and no driving for at least 8-10. That's the part that really bothers me --- having to depend on those around me for literally everything. Yes, I'm aware that it's extremely painful, however the aspect of boredom and powerlessness while infirmed is the scary part. There are only so many old movies, books to read and lap top computer time one can spend while laying flat before the urge to get up and do mundane daily chores will surface. And I'm an avid gardener -- this is the season when my dahlias will need grooming, herbs trimmed back and roses sprayed. I shutter to think of the condition my yard will be in after 6+ weeks of neglect.
I'm a 60 year young very active grandmother, who lives with my S.O. in a large California Country home... which means I'll forego seeing the "living" part of my house during convalescence. My sweetheart is very independent,& self sufficient and will be a great caretaker, but am aware of the limitations when it comes to testosterone homemaking ---{I don't think men don't have a clue about multitasking) - And I shutter at the idea of having ANYONE come visit during this time.... especially the first week or so following the hospital.
As soon as my right foot heals enough - I'll be going back for the left. Each will require about 3-4 days in the hospital, along with the same period of limitations after surgery. So, I'm looking at about a year of disability in trade for a new set of feet that will hopefully prevent me from ending up in a wheel chair in the next few years.
I'm glued to this site - and am drinking in information from each of you -- knowing that the more I know, the more prepared I'll be. I WISH YOU ALL LUCK bost pre, during and post op.... and will stay tuned to your tales of victory. GG

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