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Hi Jo,
I had closing base wedge osteotomy with McBride bunionectomy at the end of February and was non-weight bearing for 8-9 weeks. (You can probably find my previous posts by searching by "cyclist.") I had my bunion removed, bone taken out in two places, and 3 screws put in my foot.

To me, the surgery was only a mild inconvenience. I had no pain and very little swelling (as long as I kept my foot elevated). I have a bit of stiffness in my big toe and joint now, but I walk every morning and continue to push/pull on my toe. It gets a little better every day. I don't fear having my second foot done later this year. BUT, from reading the boards and the responses that I received, it is apparent that my experience was an exception rather than what normally occurs. I hope you get lucky, too.

Our situations are different so I don't know if my experiences will be yours. I'm middle-aged, athletic, and slim. I had no problem rolling, hopping, peg-legging my way around on one leg.

I was able to balance well enough on one leg to lift myself on and off the toilet. With your situation (bad back and all), you might consider getting a "toilet riser" that has armrests. Medical stores sell them or you can order one off the internet. The riser fits on your toilet so that you don't have to sit so low. The armrests will allow you to push yourself up with your arms rather than just using your good leg.

To help you get around, you might also consider getting
1) some kind of rolling walker with seat (to rest knee on) and a 2) secretarial-type chair with rollers.

Good luck!
In 2004 a DPM performed a Austin Bunionectomy on both of my feet. I had severe bunions and both just came right back. I am afraid now that another DPM wants to perform a basse wedge osteotomy on me..leaving me non-weight bearing for 3 mos each foot. Im so upset considering there is a chance the bunion can come back after this intense surgery. Does anyone have good or bad experience with this? Im 28 and not ready to have uneccasary sergury and screws in my feet! But, I cant tolerate the pain from my deformed feet anymore. What a predicament! Help!!


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