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I have very flat feet, and have been in pain ever since i was 7 or 8. I find that I cannot stand (as in standing for hours on end at the counter at work) without experiencing excruciating foot pain after only an hour, and they make me walk funny, like a duck, which I've been teased about forever! :rolleyes:

Yes, I'm overweight, but other overweight ppl can stand all day without a problem, whereas after a few minutes i need to sit down. After a day of this, I come home and try to stay off my feet. But in the morning, my feet are [B]extremely[/B] stiff and i cannot put my full weight on them, esp. the left one. Because i cannot bend my ankles to walk properly, i almost end up hopping from place to place. this usually goes away after a few days, but the pain is unbearable. Sometimes my heels hurt really bad, near my achille's tendon.

I've been to 4 different Dr.'s about the pain but they don't see what the problem is. One foot Dr. recommended special shoes that cost hundreds of dollars, and I had to refuse.

What about surgery? What other options are out there? The pain is interfering with my job, they don't understand why i need to sit all the time! :o

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