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Hi Gainup. . .
You said, [I]"The thought of being bedridden for any amount of time just freaks me out. I am very active and have worked really hard to get my body where it is now. Bottom line, I'm afraid I'd just turn into a big blob lying around."[/I]

If you've been active before foot surgery, it's more than likely you can continue to be active during your recovery -- just in a different way.

I had closing base wedge osteotomy with McBride bunionectomy on 2/25/05 (my bones were cut in two places and I have 3 screws) and was non-weight bearing for over 8 weeks and wore a cast. I viewed my recovery period as a "forced exercise program."

I was fortunate to not need pain medicine so it made moving around much easier. I used:

1) a rolling walker with seat (to rest knee on)
2) a four-pronged cane for when I hopped
3) the IWALKFREE, a hands-free crutch for standing or walking for an extended time, e.g., grocery store, mall, cooking, etc. The device would remind you of a peg-leg. (I used the cane with it at first until I became proficient.)

During my recovery, I walked outside every morning with my neighbor and her dog by strapping on the IWALKFREE device. (If I had not had the IWALKFREE, I would have used my rolling walker.) Our cul-de-sac is hilly, so I couldn't walk as fast or as far, but I definitely got a workout.

I forced myself to move (and didn't have much choice since I didn't have anyone to look after me). I live in a two-story house, and my laundry room is downstairs so going up and down the stairs also kept me fit. Sometimes I just hopped up and down the stairs while holding on with both hands. The only thing I couldn't do was drive my car and ride my bike.

The workouts toned my abdominal muscles, built up my one "good" leg, and I lost 4-5 lbs. I know that my experience has been different than many of those who post to this board, but I wanted to let you know it is possible to continue to be active.

My foot is probably 90% back to normal, and I only have some stiffness in my big toe that I notice when I walk fast. I plan to have my other foot done later this year.

Good luck if/when you have the surgery ... keep moving if you can!

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