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Key question.. Do your bunion cause you pain? If not, than by all means leave it alone, and learn to live with how it looks. On other hand, if it hurts when you walk or stand for a period, or if it is impossible to find comfortable shoes, than maybe it is time to address the issue. It is by no means anything like having a small bone spur removed. A bunionectomy will shave the bump, but also your bone will be broken and a section removed and either pinned or screwed. Recovery can be hard and long...

I had moderate bunions, and my big toes was starting to shift under my second toes. My feet hurt day and night - and would often just ache. I had my bunions for almost 20 years, but the last 5 years they did become worse. I am now 3.5 months post op with an Austin Bunionectomy (2 screws) plus an osteotomy on the second toe (bone cut/broken and a section of bone removed) held w/ a permanent pin. Same thing on left foot, plus a taylor bunion shaved was done 7.5 weeks ago. Had to wear an awful/hard to walk in shoe/boot for 6 weeks, couldn't drive, and more. Still, my feet are sore and not fully recovered by any means. The surgery shouldn't be taken lightly - and truthfully, I thought I was prepared, but it is a bit more than I thought. I have had 7 other surgeries, and 3 of them major, bone surgery is very different!

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