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I had the surgery on the top of my foot; am now in a velcro shoe and have a few questions:
1. Should I still be limiting my activity? Going to work and grocery store is about all I do.
2. Should I still be elevating my foot?
3. When I'm showering (after removing the fabric wrap) I notice that my foot starts to turn purple (just the areas where the wrap is) with one patch of pink. I'm not putting ANY pressure or weight on my foot during the shower. As soon as I sit down and re-wrap the foot it goes back to normal color. Is this normal?
4. Also last week I felt this weird sensation on the back of my entire calf. When I'd get out of the bed in the am i'd almost feel something traveling down my leg. I spoke to dr. and he said it may be a blood clot - he checked it out (by touching it and saying if it was a blood clot you'd be screaming by now) i'm still sceptical (see number 3). It has gone down/away - so it makes me think its just from not using the muscles back there like normal walking folks do. Does anyone know what a blood clot feels like?
5. I have teeny red dots on my foot - almost look like broken blood vessels, normal?
6. I'm still not able to flex my foot or command my toes to move - normal?
Thanks for input-grandpa is the only one that has had surgery and he doesn't remember it well. I hate getting old.

#1 - use your foot discomfort to let you know that your doing too much. At 4 weeks post op, I didn't do much. Your bone is still very much healing.

#2 - At 4 weeks I still elevated because my foot would swell otherwise. I am 9 weks post op w/second foot and if I am barefoot I still will swell (swelling can last up to 6 months).

#3 - Purple foot after shower - 100% normal. It's the blood going to the injury and giving the area more oxygen. This purple color will continue to last for some time and may look "blochy" as well. I know.. it is weird.

#4 - not sure what a blood clot would feel like, but again - the purple is 100% normal.

#5 - Your foot has just underwent some major disruption, and broken blood vessels can happen.

#6 - Bunionectomies are not just for the aging! Many teens and young adults have very serious bunions. It is normal for you ankle to be very weak, and your toes not to move. By now, your doctor should have given you instructions to manually move the big toe, several times a day. I could actually feel the scar tissue breaking as I exercised. Over time, normal movement should hopefully return, but you must move & exercise your toe. Downward movement may not ever return 100% to the way it was.

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