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This website is great; just found it last night at 11:30 and already someone has answered all my questions. You may want to read my question for some 'follow up' answers to after surgery expectations.
1. I was given a local anesthesia via IV and some sleepy gas just before I entered the surgery room. I was also given a 'block' which was administered via this long teeny wire thing at my knee - painless.
2. I wasn't nauseus or sick; just a little nervous as to be expected.
3. I brought in my sister's sleep pants (which are two sizes to big with an adjustable waist band) Diameter of the leg hole at the foot is about 16". You should leave with a 'boot' that will go up to your knee. Just bring whatever is comfy.
4. Surgery lasted just under an hour; and I woke up as soon as they put me into the bed for recovery. Pain meds are in full effect so you'll actually feel good. I think the worst week pain wise has been week number two. I'm entering week four and my toes have been gradually waking up and i can feel some twitching - wierd - like they want to start walking. Its a good sign.
5. Actually for the first week - i was taking my pain medication (hydrocodone) daily and had to scoot on my butt to make it to the bathroom. I was on my bed the entire time with my foot elevated with an ice bag. I came to get sick of TV. But now i'm up and going to work and the grocery store. Oh and you'll be very exhausted come week two.
Hope this helps.

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