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Big Toe pain
Sep 6, 2005
A couple weeks ago, I was sleeping on my stomach with my toes hanging off the bottom of the bed. I pulled myself up and felt an awful pain on the top of my big toe. It almost felt like someone tore the toe nail out. There was nothing visibly wrong when I looked at it.

Yesterday, I was lying on my back and pointed my foot downward. When I did that, I noticed that my big toe involuntarily bent upwards. Almost like the muscle or tendon running from the toe along the top of the foot was too short. When I tried to straighten the toe while the foot is pointed, I feel the same pain.

Now, I realize that I'm not a ballet dancer and there is not a big need for me to be pointing my foot and toe straight down, but simple things like pulling on a sock are brutally painful. When I kneel o the floor, it feels like someone is peeling the skin off the top of my toe.

Any ideas???

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