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[QUOTE=jerseynative]3 years?! :eek: :eek: :eek: I don't think my problem is that bad, but there are days when I believe that it is :( Tesha[/QUOTE]

Then maybe you dont want to hear that I've had plantar fasciitis for 7 years? LOL
Seriously, it does get better, but not without some kind of treatment. You can treat it on your own. The exercises mentioned earlier are essential, but the MOST important treatment is supporting the arch. Falling arches are the cause of your problems, be it from age, overuse, or trauma.
As the arch falls, it stretches out the fascia - a membrane covering the bones in your foot. It wont stretch very far, so repeated damage causes small tears in it, hence causing inflammation. As your body tries to heal the tears, it sends extra calcium to the area. The calcium makes small deposits, and in the case of the heel where there isnt much room, causes spurs (also very painful!)
As you are off your feet (sitting, sleeping, whatever), the fascia tightens/shrinks a little. Then when you stand up, it tries to stretch out quickly, causing that pain you feel and making it hard to walk.
-Be very diligent about stretching in the morning before you ever step foot out of bed. Wrap a towel around the ball of your foot and SLOWLY stretch it towards your nose 10-12 times.
-Every time you sit, when you go to stand, do so slowly and stretch the foot before trying to walk.
-As soon as you get home from work, ice your feet - without fail!
-Advil or Aleve is great for the inflammation - if your stomach can handle it. I used Vioxx and it worked great, so maybe someone could order Celebrex for you, thats the only one left now.
-I've never seen the Superfeet, but they sound perfect. Anything that will give you good arch support without being too high (dont want to over-do it the other direction!).
-Most shoes on the market do not have sufficient arch support. I use a arch insert and take out whatever is in the shoe. Since mine are custom made orthotics, I can buy the cheap shoes LOL
-Yep, New Balance shoes are the best. I would recommend the running shoe vs walking shoe as it gives better "roll"; as you walk, you "roll" off the ball of your foot.
-Stay away from flip flops, heels, or any shoe without arch support until you get the pain resolved.

After wearing orthotics for the last 5 years, I am able to get back into just about any shoe I want - at intervals. I wear favorite shoes for a week or so, then get back in my orthotics, and so on.

Sorry to have gone on and on LOL. Hope you find some helpful info you can use.

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