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Hi Sophie - Yep, he did the fusion-thing. So he cut up by that joint, but then he had to make additional incision down closer to big toe to straighten the bone down there as well, cuz the bone was pretty crooked and arthritis mess too. (from what I understand - of course I was still a bit out-of-it when he talked to us (hubby and me), but that's hubby's understanding as well. I do remember waking up at some point during the surgery, and wanting to see what was going on, but couldn't see cuz the "drape" was in the way, so of course I tried pulling it down - they weren't really happy with me about that, and told me that was "against the law!" ROFLOL!! :D I argued with them and said "It's not against the LAW - a RULE maybe but not the LAW!" They insisted it was and proceded to fully knock me out again.

Yes, thank goodness, the worst is behind me! I'm looking forward to getting this huge monstrosity off my foot/leg, as it's HEAVY! :eek: I can't imagine that the actual cast will be this heavy!

I will definitely be taking the pain meds regularly so I can "stay ahead" of the pain - I'm used to that with my back, anyway, so not much difference, except for now it's more meds than usual.

I'll be watching to hear from you as well! Thanks for your reply!

HAve a great day!
JD (on my way back to recliner with new ice-pack)

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