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My experience was much like Midwest -JD's. I too had a long acting nerve block done the day of the surgery and would highly recommend it. I never felt a thing in my foot until after 11 pm that night and had surgery at 0815! I took pain meds every 4 hours from Friday until Monday and then stopped and only took them ocassionally when needed. Post op care is so so important as a podiatrist on another message board site highly recommends. What you do in the first few weeks is so important.
I never iced, although I know a lot of people do. The most important advice is ELEVATE, ELEVATE, ELEVATE!!!

I would not go back to work too soon either. I tried after 2 weeks and I was exhausted and my foot began to swell and hurt then and it had not previously. So I took another 2 weeks off for a total of 3. Remember to take care of yourself. For the first 6 weeks my doc limited me to 2 hours of standing or walking at at time - when I went over I knew it because the swelling came back.

I was in a weight bearing air cast for 5 weeks. When I was in the recliner I could take it off after a week and do ankle rom exercises - I had no toe exercises until after the boot came off at week 5 - then I began toe exercises immediately and began receiving PT at week 7. I did have to take antibiotics around week 6 because my absorbable stitches did not absorb completely at the ends, and a little pus came out. So better safe then sorry and not wanting osteomylitis I went in for a consult and they gave me an rx for a week. My scars are now healed but still itch - I find padded bandages with my tennis shoes at least for me still currently are a daily must until they are completely gone.

I am not at week 10 and can honestly say, with each week I find I am doing so much better. I still have some pain but you learn to work through it. I am having my second foot - LT done in three weeks on 12/16.

Trust me and us on this board - NO question or fear is too silly or menial to ask us. We ALL had tons of questions and I am certain I drove my surgeon crazy with all my pre - post and current questions that arise - - - and I have a medical background !!! :)
I plan on coming up with some bullets for his future patients so he can give them. I don't think they realize what uncertainties arise.

Anyway - good luck to you and keep us posted.

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