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Hello I am new to this message board.

Here is my problem. I fell down my steps in my house dec 10th. When it happened me and my husband heard a loud pop. I end up at the bottom of the steps crying. I have never been in so much pain....I just keep screaming how bad it hurt. After about 30 - 60 mins the pain was not as bad I could finally breath. At this time I tried to stand on my foot and it was not to bad. After trying to walk on it some it really started to hurt again. So I go to the Urgent Care since it was a Saturday. They did x-rays and said it was not broken but badly sprained. So they put a plaster splint and wrap it with and ace bandage and tell me to stay on crutches for a 5- 7 days. Stupid me takes the split off Sunday night put still used the crutches for another day. Now it is over 2 weeks and my foot still hurts and it is still bruised. I saw and Orthopedic doc last week Monday and he said the only thing he could do was maybe put it in a cast but said I would not like that and to only wear good tennis shoes and to walk on my heel. Said if it was still bother me that he could try a boot or cast. He also mentioned a bone scan but either why the end result would be a cast or boot.

I was just wondering if I should keep my appointment tomorrow to see my knee doctor and see what he thinks. Or should I just grin and bear it. My foot does not hurt in my ankle it hurts in the ball of my foot by my little toe on my left foot.

Will it help me at all to push for a cast? or a boot?

Has any had a severe sprain? If so does a boot or cast help to heal faster?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Kim - Georgia
Hmm... Here's a bit of my history that may help. I had a botched plantar fasciotomy in May 2003 in which the podiatrist severed my lateral plantar nerve. In May 2004, my new foot and ankle orthopaedic surgeon did a plantar fasciectomy and a neurolysis of the LPN, and generally cleaned up the area. After a stump neuroma formed, we did another neurolysis and neurectomy of the tibial nerve in June 2005. Needless to say, my ankle strength sucks, even though I have been through countless PT sessions.

Regardless, I took a horrible fall at my college just before Halloween. My doc took an x ray, and while he saw a few bone fragments, he didn't see anything too pressing, and told me to treat it as a "severe sprain" for a couple weeks (stay off of it as much as possible, wear a walking boot, ice, pain meds). A month later, I was still in considerable pain. Another x ray was done, in which we hoped to find a fracture (sometimes it takes them a few weeks to appear well on x ray), but that didn't happen either. To rule out something emergent, he did an MRI.

I got those results last Friday; not what we were hoping. Though we found nothing that was surgically emergent, I tore a bunch of ligaments, and there is nothing much you can do except let them heal, which can take as long as 6-9 months because there is no direct blood vessels to ligaments and tendons. Because of all my surgeries prior, he is slightly (and me more so) concerned that my ligaments will heal incorrectly, and then we will have to go in again and do something major, requiring 6 weeks in a cast and loads of fun. He order a new month of PT, and told me to come back in 3 months, but I am really hurting--think I will call him in a week if it is not significantly better. I am waking up in the middle of the night and it's driving me crazy.

In my opinion, I would probably stick with one doc, as long as he wasn't pushing surgery immediately. I saw a podiarist yesterday who does my ingrown toenails, and when relaying all the info to him, he said that he feels that "all the healing that would happen with the ligaments" is done already, and what damage is there now will be there in 6 to 9 months. That scares me because my MD told me that symptoms would be that my ankle felt like it was caving in all the time, which is what it is doing now, even though I am in a brace. I am trying to be confident, but I just see more surgery in my future and it kills me.

My MD (I begged him for some conservative options, like a cast) told me that casts are not recommended anymore for sprains as they can hold the foot in a static position, causing the ligaments to heal incorrectly. So that is out the window for me. I schedule a re-eval with the clinic director next week at my favorite PT place because last month, when my PT released me, she didn't feel there was much more she could do--I am sure I will be seeing Suchetha for some of my visits, but I want Mike's fresh opinion.

Hope this helped--at least it got some of my frustrations out!

Let me know if you have any questions.


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