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Wow - (((Katkat))) It's been a long tough road for you, hasn't it? :( Sorry that you've been through so much and still have such pain. Have you ever gotten second (third?) opinions from a different podiatrist? Maybe one at a larger, unversity, teaching hospital in a big city? Oftentimes there will be someone there who is more expert than at smaller, non-teaching hospitals, and perhaps someone there could help you better?

I also go to a pain clinic - for the last 3 years or so - due to failed back surgeries. I'm very, very fortunate to have a wonderful pain-management specialist who is willing to do/prescribe whatever it takes to get me comfortable enough to be functional. Good pain-docs are hard to find - at least that's the impression I get from the many, many people with chronic pain who can't seem to get proper/adequate long-term pain meds. :(

My foot surgery was a mid-foot fusion (Lapidus procedure) with 2 pins/screws, Weile osteotomy on 2nd metatarsal, with another screw there, arthritis clean-up at big-toe joint, further cutting/straightening of 1st metatarsal (at the toe end this time) along with a 4th pin/screw at the end of that bone to keep it from getting crooked again. Lots of fun all rolled into one. :rolleyes: It was 7 weeks ago, and I'm now Officially Allowed to step on it (with boot on), but I can't walk on it much at all before the pain gets to be too much and I end up using crutches or wheelchair again - I'm hoping that is going to improve SOON!! :bouncing:

I do hope you find some relief soon. Thanks for replying - I'll have to do that search and find out what ASTM is. ;)


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