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I am so glad I have discovered this board! I just had bunion surgery on 2/10/06 and was looking for others who have had or are going through the same recup. as I am!

My doc did not put me on crutches or make me use a wheelchair. I am just wrapped in LOTS of guaze and an ace bandage and wearing the lovely and fashionable orthotic shoe. I have had it rewrapped twice now and have another appt. on Wednesday. I still feel some pain (mostly just sore) and am glad there was some advice given about the ice. I am only working 1/2 days this week (my doc did not tell me he did not want me working at all for the first week! Oh well - too late) so I can go home and elevate it. Fortunately, I do not have to walk much at work, but not being able to elevate it makes a huge difference.

My doc told me I will wear the orthotic shoe for 6 weeks. Will there be anything after that or will I be able to go out dancing soon after the 6 weeks is up?! I will ask him this tomorrow. Sounds like many people's docs are so different. I am already ready to be "normal" again. I just assumed I would have the surgery, wear the shoe and everything would be great. Was I wrong! I will eventually have to get the surgery done on my left foot so I will be prepared MUCh better for that one.

Thanks again for all of those who contribute tot he board. I will keep you all up-to-date with my recup process. So far so good though. Doc says everything looks great! We'll see what he says tomorrow.

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