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Do you know what type of bunion surgery your dr. is planning? There are literally dozens of different surgeries for bunions, and each one has it's own time-table for recuperation - depending on how extensive of a surgery is planned. For a "simple bunionectomy" (where all the dr. does is shave off the bony prominance), I've heard the recovery time is relatively quick, and pain comparatively mild. BUT, there can be a high rate of return bunions with that surgery, if the underlying causes aren't treated (usually a splayed 1st metatarsal).

When I was 19 and 20 and I had bunionectomies with chevron osteotomy (both feet, but 1 year apart), and those surgeries were really not too terribly bad (especially compared to what I had done recently! :eek: ) You are pretty young, and like W said, you will probably bounce back pretty quick. You'll definitely want to be able to have that time off work, and keep your foot elevated as much as possible, which will help minimize post-op swelling, and thus reduce pain. Definitely talk to your dr. about pain-management afterwards - make sure he is willing to Rx adequate pain meds - and if he's not, then see your family doc ASAP and let him know that you will need him to help with pain-management. (Most foot surgeons KNOW that you will NEED some pain meds for a while after surgery)

If you can find out more info about exactly what type of bunion surgery your doc is planning, we can probably give you more specific/helpful/applicable advice. No matter what type you have though, elevating the foot and keeping ice on it for the first few days will probably help as much as pain meds - maybe even more. I get some nice gel-type ice packs - reusable - at Wal-Mart for about $2-$3 each, and keep 3-4 of them in the freezer at all times. You can kind of "tie" one of those (loosely) onto your foot, over the dressings, using a scarf or dish-cloth (something like that), and it will help a lot.

I would say, that if you can possibly do it now, sooner is better, as it will just get worse, requiring more invasive surgery later if not fixed now.

Good luck! Please let us know if you find out more details.

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