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Glad to hear that the pain isn't too bad. Do you have crutches or are you literally hopping? That sounds dangerous! Yes, I've had my dressing changed twice. 4 days after surgery and again 9 days later. No big deal. The doctor wants to keep my big toe from drifting back over, so he has it wrapped with gauze and pulled over. Unfortunatly, that prevents me from showering still, but a friend lent me a cast cover bag which works great. The scar is longer than I thought, but I was already healed and the stiches were taken out at 2 weeks (which was last week). My foot is still black and blue in places (and yellow from the benodine I guess.) I have to wear the boot/cast for another month. The doctor said when I go back in 10 days which will be 4 weeks after surgery, he'll remove the gauze and ace bandage. He said my foot will probably swell some then. I went to the grocery store this weekend and drove an electric cart. I felt like an old lady, but at least I got what I needed. I'm going back to my part time desk job today. I know it's hard and boring, but for the next week keep your foot propped up on the back of the couch as much as you can stand. Let us know your progress and I'll keep you informed of mine.

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