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Hi, I just recently fractured my heel. It will be two weeks come this Tuesday. I did this in the snowboard park at Breckenridge hitting a huge jump and landing on a terrible 10 degree incline where it should have just been flat! If you clear the jump you actually land on at 45 degree decline but the table-top should have been flat not inclined. I was treated at their Hospital and their doctor said I'll need surgery based off the xrays they took.

I have a couple questions that I didn't see anyone mention on here. First, how badly discolored/bruised was your foot post injury? I didn't have a compound fracture but I did get a ankle/fracture blister 2 days post injury and popped that. It freaked me out but I was told that it's a fracture blister and don't know what to make of it but am looking these up now. I also had terrible dark vein like bruises going up the side of my outter leg and it didn't look good at all. Also, all my toes have been pretty bruised up and discolored. Is this normal for a Calcaneous/Heel frature??

When I went and saw a local Othro surgeon he told me my foot might never be the same and that I'll need sugery. He didn't ever really look at my foot -just the X-Rays and his assistants put me in a HUGE/HEAVY plaster leg splint. I had to go back and have them put a different fiber cast on because that other one was hurting my knees and was probably going to do more damage then good. The surgeon then said to keep my foot raised. I meet again with him this Tuesday (2 weeks post injury) to determine my next step. I'm guessing he just could not give me much info previous to getting the Cat Scans I had done this week. So, my next question is how long can one wait to have surgery post injury? According to one site on the internet (emedicine) they it is 10-14 days. What are the critical factors to consider sugery or natural healing? I'm very scared and don't have any medical insurance and am now out of work. I can pay for the surgery but want to be well informed about my options.

Thanks for any and all info. Chris

Regards, Chris

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