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I had a bunionectomy last November 11 and was nwb for 8 weeks. I had pins (external fixator device, thingy) and screws (which are still in). Then I got the pins out and the okay to walk and wear shoes when my incision became infected where the pins were. Now the infection is gone and I was thinking I could start playing golf and exercising again but I guess I was wrong.

I know healing is an up and down affair but I didn't think I'd be set back this far. Last week I was sitting at home wiggling my toes and stretching my feet when I had a sharp pain in my foot followed by swelling. Ever since that happened my big toe has been limp and lifeless. I can't move it no matter how hard I try.

I figured it was something simple and I knew I had a dr. appt today so I just let it go because there was no pain after that initial zinger. Turns out I ruptured that tendon that goes to my big toe and I have to have surgery on it...tomorrow!

Now I'll be in a boot for 6 weeks again. YUK :-(
I guess I'm just looking for sympathy. I'll post afterwards and let you all know how it went.

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