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I’m afraid I can’t handle what is to come. I’ve had flat feet since I can remember. Although these are considered ‘adult onset’ they really started when I began to walk. My left is much worse than the right. When I finally saw a surgeon about my problems, I just thought I would have the bunion worked on; hence only planned on time off for a bunionectomy. However, the consultation shed new light on my actual problem – flat feet that would not respond to conventional methods. I’m having the left worked on in March.
I know that my surgeon would recommend 6 weeks off of work for the current procedure, since I usually have an “on the feet” type of job. So, I'm not seeking a usual FMLA form, since I really don’t want to take that much time off. When I just thought I would have a bunion surgery, I took only a week off, and restricted my usual schedule so that I wouldn’t be on my feet as much. Now, however, things have changed. But, I’m reluctant to change my work requirements.


Currently, I’m off for the first week after surgery. After this, my work should be cut down. However, I have several reservations. First, will this really be followed? I have asked that no new work be added, and that all routine work be given to others. Even with this, I’m worried that I will be overloaded in the first critical few weeks after my surgery.


Alhough I really want to have this surgery done, since it offers relief from problems that continue to worsen, I'm not sure that my recovery will go smoothly. I want to do what is best for me, but am afraid that this will put an undue strain on my business.

I know that the first two weeks, which is spent in a splint, is the most important. This is when the swelling of surgery resolves. If the swelling is not down in this time, a cast cannot be placed. Also, if healing doesn’t start in this time frame, the fusion, with or without bone grafts, may take a lot longer to occur. This can lengthen my total recovery time.

On the other hand, I am part of a system. How can I balance its needs with my own?

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