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I can only speak from experience on this one. Others here may know more or something different.
I had ingrown toenails horribly for years. They started as just nothing really and don't remember them bothering me til my late teens. By my early 20s I was a pretty skilled surgeon with them! Man would those things hurt! I knew both grandparents had them and many others in my family and they'd say things like "cut a V in the middle" and all sorts of things. I tried it all believe me. I finally just couldn't stand it anymore. I've said for years the best thing I ever did for myself was having them permanently removed. ....Now I'm hoping that will be second to the bunionectomies I had not long ago.:) Feet don't seem to be my thing it seems. ....We all have something though huh?

I wish I could tell you something to do now to prevent them from getting worse ....REALLY wish I could. Just speaking for myself I tried all I was told.....was like when someone goes on every diet that comes around??...I was trying it all!!......:(....unfortunately didn't work. Good part however was that it was no big deal at all having them removed. I mean NOTHING! I even watched. At the time I worked standing on my feet 12-15 hours a day and had to be there as there were no fillins. I drove to work(around 30min) the next day and wore some really soft houseshoes and kept my feet propped while a tech took over mostly. ....and a big guy that worked there came out and carried me in....was funny to remember but not completely necessary as I was single and had made it walking to the car to get there.... Nice gesture I guess. .....Point being though that it wasn't a big deal and they healed fast, never came back and NOW.....not only are my toenails pretty but my feet straight too!.....:)

Good luck....Hopefully someone will know something new!

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