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I honestly didn't mean to scare you at all. I am just being very realistic is all. I wish someone had've been with me. Sounds like you're having the same thing done as mine. They sawed off the bunion, then the metatarsal in a couple places (one of them in a few and some bone was removed) then realigned the muscles, all that stuff, and screws were put in to hold the bone together. I didn't have a cast ever, just these blue shoes that tied over w/velcro.
I am in very good shape w/lots of upper body strength. I play tennis every single day of the week ...well, now alternate some cause of the feet and no, am not nearly back up to my old game but will just take time....but before the surgery was in terrific shape and playing 3 hours or more/day..hard tennis pittypat stuff here. Don't mean that bragging but just so you'll have an idea is all. I also work out on weights, etc for my tennis. (yes, league tennis is a big deal around here:).)
Just from what you've told me here's what I would do if I were you. What I even wish I had done. I know you want them done at the same time and everything over and done with but you also don't want to go through anything close to what I had to. I wouldn't want you to either!! YIKES!
My neighbors mother across the street did this and didn't do physical therapy so isn't where I am but had she I believe would be ahead of me. ..anyway, here's personally what I would do so you won't be left miserable. Do one foot and see how it goes and get yourself pretty much up and going on that one. Then around 12 weeks later(which is NOTHING in the scheme of it all) do the other....and if you're not ready, then wait. My neighbors mom had hers done like that. She had a really hard time with that but was able to do lots of propping/icing at work and she had 6 weeks off from work each time as well which is why.
Yes, I did all the icing, propping, etc just as I was supposed to. Actually, with the first one I did really well and was up and going after about 4-5 days and overdid then was back down for a few. Before having the second one done I told my mom to tie me to the bed, put weights on me, whatever she had to do to make me stay there for 2 weeks as I'd been told that was a crucial time(who knows if it is...I'd just been told that?:)..) .....but that was NOT necessary!There was NO getting out of that bed after the second one. I was in horrific pain enough just IN it!!!Read some of my old posts and maybe they'll give a better idea??
I'm not trying to tell you what to do but only know what I've gone through and have heard of a few others the same..and it's horrible. Age makes a difference too I hate to say. I mean I'm 37y/o and in better shape than most 20y/os these days but when it comes to surgery?..still harder. I'm sure it helped that I was in good shape but like I said before. I've been through some really horrific surgeries in the past.....funny to me to see the shocked look on people when they see the scars across my body one side to the other! 8 of them too.sheez i know!Last was in my early 20s.
I guess it's like a doc told me once.....You can't kill a patient while you're trying to cure them. Hopefully that makes sense.If it doesn't now it sure will if you have them done at the same time. Not only will it wear you down but your hubby as well. My mom was so exhausted as was the rest of my family and I'm not even a complainer and didn't do any asking/instructing/nothin but it was just hard! Hard on me and hard on them. Yes every foot is diff and all go at diff rates but I know myself and my body well enough to tell you it would NOT be a good idea to do them together. I know it sounds so easy that way. Then the doc makes it sound like a piece of cake as well but it's just not that way. I wish so much I could tell you it were! SO MUCH! Having the one done though?..yes, it was easy for me. It wasn't until after the second one that I plummeted. Don't try and fool yourself after the first one either and then hop right back on the table for the second. I mean what is 12 weeks anyway? If you waited that long then you'd first of all have that time frame to work on that foot healing and it have time to get back up to baseline. You'd be propped and iced at first but then able to be mobile for the most part. Having both done at the same time will take that away. You'll be just stuck in the bed this summer....or stuck somewhere with icepacks and unable to move.My butt was literally numb.No kidding.I couldn't stand it.The fridge just a room away but no way could i get to it. And like I said, even though your hubby is willing now he will get tired. Let's face it... Mothers NEVER get tired of helping their children but I could tell mine was exhausted and she's on the go constantly everyday and able to take anything....always has been. I'm too much of a noncomplainer though and it was she who realized I wasn't even asking for water enough or when my juice/whatever would get hot I'd hate to bother her and have had kidney surgery so have always had to make sure I drink plenty(another surgery deal)...she realized I wasn't saying anything but was getting dehydrated so kept ice water there constantly after that. Going to the bathroom? If you did one foot at a time?You'll not have a prob getting there.If you do I'd suggest the bedpan.Worked great for me but I only needed it after the second one was done.If you need it after the first then do big deal. Otherwise you will be waking your hubby up at first to help get you to the bathroom. ....hmm...actually after the first foot though my mom stayed here only one night. After that it was just me.I made it great. If I'd had my little dogs I wouldn't have and missed them but was grateful to have a friend who I knew loved them like her own and was able to take care of them during it all.
I'm sorry this is so rambly.....I'm trying to remember back to all and then writing it as I think of it so it's probably just coming out in spurts...sorry! I honestly am just thinking of your own good. I wouldn't wish what I went through on ANYONE. And the fact that you don't have to go through it?...then WHY??? I can tell you now that if you wait just that time length in between you'll be well just as fast as if you'd done them together....just w/o the misery part.The horrible misery part I mean.Why put yourself and everyone else through that?? On that time frame....doing one now then 12 weeks later the other you'll be able to get out this summer and be mobile some and enjoy life. It's all about quality of life afterall. Also, why have to make the decision now? Why not just wait and see how you do with the first and just make a commitment of waiting 8 weeks til the next one? That would be my minimum time recommended.You sound like me.....not wanting to miss life and love being on the go! Having them done together though is only going to take that away and make you more miserable.
I hate to sound so morbid about it all ....gosh, I REALLY do!!!!! Just knowing all I went through and what it's like there's no way I could sit by and let someone else put themselves through it and not say something. Let me ask this.......What is the reason you want them done at the same time? Do you work? What type support system do you have? What kind of shape are you in?...upper and lower body? Strengthwise 2. Not to be personal but is your weight low to normal? Do you like staying on the go? Do you have grandkids/church/other activities you're involved in? How's the rest of your health? What's your normal day like? Is your hubby going to be able to be there full time? I'm asking for a reason honest. I promise I ONLY want to help and want myself and everyone else to get through this...and all other things in life as quickly as possible. I don't like to drag out and don't think others do.
I know lots of this has been repetitive too but it just keeps going through my mind....why? For me it was because I wanted to be back on the tennis courts in time for league which starts in Jan of each year. According to what the doc told me I would be. I'm not sure what kind of tennis he plays but NOT my kind. I've never heard of "bedtennis"? not even "couchtennis"?? I'm not trying to scare you or make you afraid but wish so much someone had given me a heads up so I wouldn't have been gone through all that thinking it would just be no big the doc said. ...oh..and yes, you will be able to walk out on that foot. Please remember though it's not a "walk"'s a hobble and also your whole foot and up to your knee basically are completely numb. You can't feet it at that point! It's also so bandaged up it's unreal. Plus being numbed up it feels huge. Kinda like how your mouth feels after the dentist. Maybe compare(in a very VERYVERYVERY small way) to wisdom teeth out. At first it's all numb and you walk out of there. Well, wobble out usually. But no, you don't feel any pain. It's not til all that wears off that you do.Even still I only took 1 or 2 pain pills with the first foot. It was the worst foot also. After that second one though?...WOW!!! My body was on overload and it was too much to handle.
...ok, now I am rambling....sorry!!!!I just don't want to see anyone have to go through complete h*** when they don't have to. Doing them separately will give you some time to get one better and allow you to be functional in there. It will not cut down on your time getting well either. If anything it will increase it and you'll most likely do fine and even wonder what the big deal is. You'll prolly even wish you'd had them done at the same time then....but if you had've done that then you'd definitely know you shouldn't have!!
I do hope first that all that made sense.....and secondly that I didn't scare you or anything. If you have any questions please feel free to ask away.
take care!!
Wow footsy your getting really prepared!
Im still no nearer getting a date for my operation all they will tell me is that it will be in May so its really frustrating(NHS).
I too have heard lots of negative reports about getting both feet done at once but I met a lovely lady the other day who had the op last year and she made me feel alot better. As we know she told me the first week was the hardest and that she needed someone with her 24/7 but after that she could potter about quite happily herself as long as she kept up her pain relief and kept elevating. She said the worst thing was her husband bumping into her all the time, when he was pushing her out of the hospital after the op he whacked her feet against a door!(just when you couldnt feel any worse!)
I too am going to make the most of this month, lots of walks and fun with the kids before im laid up. We need to prepare our selves mentally as Dixie said and expect it to be difficult, frustrating and painful but we will all get through it and hopefully it will all be worth it in the end.
take care everyone
Deb x
Hello all

I had a double bunionectomy (without screws or wires) performed on 30th March, so I am coming up to my fifth week post-op. The pain was bad but [B]not[/B] as severe as I had been led to believe and the worst was over in three days. I was able to walk out of the hospital the day after my op with the aid of two sticks. I have two plaster slippers with velcro shoes over. It's all very uncomfortable but I expected that.

I am able to go to the loo, manage stairs (I went to the theatre on Saturday evening). I live on my own and my sister has been bringing my shopping.

I'll be in plaster for another week or so. Then I am not sure how I will feel.

Does anyone know how long it will be before I can walk my usual two miles per day?

All the best to anyone who will be having this procedure. Believe me, it's not the worst pain I've had.

Wow, I’m amazed at your day out, too, Rina. I take a shower and have to take a long nap afterward! I’m ten years older (you're twenty-three, right?); but it shouldn’t make THAT much of a difference!

I’m also amazed that you and Deb are (mostly) off the pain meds. I just refilled my Vicodin prescription the day before yesterday. I’m going many hours without taking any – and usualy I only take half a pill, now – but occasionally the throbbing and aching just take up my head and I can’t settle into my reading, etc. When my feet are “comfortably numb”, then my quality of life goes back up to where I can appreciate the sunshine and spring breeze coming through the window, the hot cup of strong coffee my mother brought me, the amiable e-mails from friends and co-workers…

Friday, I also got permission to get an incomplete in my accounting class. In my fog, I completely missed the due date for my final paper (I actually cried when I realized that. I don’t know what’s wrong with me; but I’m as emotionally fragile as if I were PMSing. Worse, maybe). Fortunately, my prof is being very compassionate and understanding. She says if I turn everything in by the end of this week, no problem. But I also expect to be starting physical therapy around the time of my final exam – possibly the very day (this coming Thursday). I had planned to come to class in my wheelchair – but if physical therapy is going to be as painful as I’ve heard it will be, then I will certainly be taking that exam on Vicodin. I have an A in that class right now – and just above a 3.8 GPA. I can’t afford to blow all my hard work because I’m a little “out of it” post surgery. With an incomplete, I have until the end of the month. Whew!

I am very, very curious to know when you (and others who had the bilateral bunionectomy) are planning to go back to work. Based on my first podiatrist’s request, I asked for four weeks off. After the first week, it’s my own vacation time I’ll be using – so however long I take, I’m not getting a “free ride” (I’m just “robbing” myself of a real vacation and days off for school and family events). This way, at least, I won’t feel guilty giving myself as much time as I need. Just regretful later on in the year… :(

But compared to some of the accounts I’m reading here – dropping pain meds and hopping back to work – I’m starting to feel like a big baby! :confused:
I am surprised your doctors didn’t try switching the pain meds for you. You shouldn’t have to deal with the nausea on top of everything else.

By the way, I was inspired by Rina and Deb to not take even a half dose of Vicodin this morning (at 11:30 AM, since I slept in again). I took one Aleve instead. As it turned out, I had unexpected and overlapping visits today, which kept my mind off the feet for a while. And I had to pee while they were all here! My friends have mentioned how they’d love to see my trip to the bathroom… Well, as soon as I got going, the camera phones came out. Man, did they have a good laugh, especially since many of the shots actually looked dirty (I was, after all, on all fours). Anyway, after they left, the feet took center stage again. I went to pop another Aleve, only to discover that the one pill is supposed to last for eight to twelve hours. Yeah, right. I ended up caving in and taking half a Vicodin. (I have to say, the half pill doesn’t really “do it”, either, but it’s not like the pain is excruciating to begin with… So I consider it a compromise.)

Tomorrow the stitches come out, after which I fully intend to go out to lunch with my parents and a friend of the family’s. I am taking a whole pill before I get to the doctor’s office - no apologies!!!
Mish mish, I was just wondering what you had on your feet now. I have what's called a soft cast. I (or rather my husband changed the bandages the 48 hours after surgery. My feet have gauze and then an ace bandage and of course the surgical shoes. I didn't know if we had the same coverings on our feet. Good luck tomorrow. Be sure to let us know how it goes. Take a pill before you go. Deb
What a long day! I got my stitches out this morning. It turns out that my fears of the little cast-slicing circular saw were unjustified. The assistant slipped several times and the thing didn’t even break my skin (maybe it grazed me too lightly; whatever the case, I’m glad I wasn’t injured afresh). As for the stitches themselves… I was expecting an uncomfortable, funny feeling as the threads were pulled out. Hell, no. It HURT! It hurt like a ^%##@+-*%<<@+! I was just cringing, wishing they could give me a local anesthesia – and regretting that I hadn’t thought to drop a nip of Grey Goose in my purse… Anyway, it finally ended, the assistant patched me up with glue, stickers (like butterfly sutures), and a bandage, put those sexy Velcro boots on me, and told me I was permitted to put weight on my feet for the first time since pre-surgery! Masochist that I am (must be), I tried the whole weight-bearing thing right away – just to get back in the wheelchair. Good God. Still, it was an exciting moment. Much as it hurts, that’s exactly what my feet want to be doing.

My parents wanted to stop at Costco after that (we had some time to kill before lunch with a friend). I have to say it was odd – I felt as though people actually noticed the wheelchair. When I see people in wheelchairs - or in any other situation that communicates a handicap – I don’t pay any special attention (unless they need help, of course). Apparently it is not so with everyone. In fact, I could almost see the question forming in their heads (two people did, indeed, politely ask about my condition). Interesting. Anyway, I enjoyed the upper body workout I got wheeling myself around. I got overly ambitious, though, going off on my own looking for veggie burgers. I found them; but I could only stare up at them, way out of reach on the top freezer shelf. Fortunately, a cool eighty-two-year-old woman came to my rescue and fetched the big box down for me…

Then we had a great lunch. I parked at the table in my wheelchair; but I could not, for the life of me, find a comfortable position for my feet under the table.

Now I am home – finally – and my left foot refuses to get comfortable. I’ve tried so many angles!!! The best, so far, is resting it on my other poor foot. I feel as though it’s trying to burst out from under the glue and stickers…

All in all, I feel like I’m finally on the path to “normal” living. I’m allowed to finally wash my feet, too (though that won’t be happening today!). I still have to wait about a week or so until I can apply Mederma. Not that I WANT to touch my Frankenstein feet… And soon – very soon – I will be walking (PT is to start ASAP)!!!

Well, that was a long update. My apologies :o
Wow what a day. I was worried about getting my stitches out. My years ago, when I was 16, I had back surgery for scoliosis (before they started using the rod). I posted this before. Anyway, the day I had my stitches out came and wow did it hurt. They said some had got infected a little. So I empathize with you. Did you take a pain pill before you left? What's on your feet now? Gauze and ace bandage with THE SHOE or something else?

Also, your ordeal about people watching also reminds me of my first trip out after my back surgery. Remember I was just 16 and didn't want to look any different than other people. Believe me I did. I had a cast from the top of my head to the top of my legs. Two women stopped and asked me what happened I told them. They walked off and whispered that I was probably a wild teenager who had gotten in a car wreck. I burst out laughing. My mom wanted to know what was so funny I told her what happened. She wanted to confront the women. Hoping not to draw any more attention to myself, I begged her not to bother with them. So I really feel for people that are a little different. It's a life experience that left a big impression on me. I had to wear the cast for one full year. It seemed like forever at the time. I really loved my friends at school and those last years of high school seemed so important at the time.

Well sorry to ramble on about the past. I'm dreading going out my first time again. I know people will stare. Some are so rude. You just want to smack them. :p

Rest those feet. Deb
[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Hi all~ I agree that it is a challenge to remain cheerful and patient during this process! It is helpful to know that there are others going through the same thing, isn’t it? I can’t imagine going to off to work in a week or two, Deb—I’m glad you’re able to postpone it until you are ready. I’m eager to find out how much I will be able to be on my feet after the 14 days of NWB, but just getting up and down two flights of stairs to get outside seems like it will continue to be a challenge for a while. We’ve been stuck in a bad weather pattern here in Chicago, but I’m hoping to get out for a wheel chair stroll when it warms up (and stops raining). In the meantime, my check up this week will probably be my only outing—As many of you have mentioned doing, I think it would be nice to go out for lunch before coming home after my app’t late Thursday morning. My bandage still shows evidence of fresh blood, but since the doctor seemed totally unfazed, I’m trying to be that way too! Kim, my kids are pretty cool, but it sure didn’t happen overnight—I’m just glad that I didn’t have to depend on my son’s help when he was 16! Ha. Let us know how the removal of your stitches goes, Deb; I know none of us looked or are looking forward to that, but hopefully it will be a piece of cake. Kathy[/FONT][/COLOR]
Well, I got my stitches out. Kathy - It was a piece of cake. I forgot to take a pain pill, which is okay, because it didn't hurt at all. I guess I was lucky. Anyway, my doctor said I need to stay in the surgical shoe for 2-4 more weeks. He suggested I wear socks on my feet to help protect the surgical site. He liked how well I was walking. (I forgot to take my walker and I thought he'd fuss at me for walking without assistance.) He said when I'm ready, I can wear an athletic shoe or sandals. I thought my healing would take a lot longer. So I'm pretty excited. He showed me before and after pictures of my surgery. I had arthritis in my feet that he also had to take out. He cut the bunion and in between the big toe and 2nd toe I had additional bunion or bone growth that he had to cut out.

So needless to say, I'm excited. I stayed out most of the day. Stopped by my office to say hi to everyone, came back home for a little while, then went out to eat. Hurray. I'll be by myself again tomorrow. I can rest from all that I did today. I think I'll sleep pretty good tonight.

Rina, Have a great time camping. Wish I was going. I'm like you, we are never here. We are always running around. So I'm ready to get moving again.

Talk to you later. Deb
Well, I’ve been walking!!! (Walking more and on the Internet less… It took me a while to read up to the last post!) I walk like a granny (something of a hunched shuffle); but at least I'm on my own two feet. Besides, my form improves daily.

The donut pillow is a great idea. I began to worry I was starting to develop bed sores (actually, I do think I was in the very early stages, based on what I read online). The pillow would have made a big difference, I’m sure. I still get a little soreness when I find my self sitting or lying in a way that bears weight on that part of my upper butt. And there’s a little redness that hasn’t fully faded yet. I try to massage the area a little and moisturize with Neosporin or whatever I have on hand (couldn’t hurt, right?).

Kathy, I’m sure you know this; but just in case – the best thing for anti-biotic upset stomach is yogurt, to re-balance the bacteria…

I think my headaches and glumness were due – at least in great part – to the Vicodin. Once I was completely off them for two full days, I began to really feel more like myself. I’ve only had one bad headache since then and it was clearly a sinus headache induced by allergies.

I, too, am experiencing nasty, shedding feet. I wash, exfoliate (carefully), and moisturize; but I just can’t keep up. I imagine I’ll have soft, baby-smooth feet by the time this is done – and I won’t be able to walk on the hot sand barefoot this summer!

My boss submitted his letter of resignation my third week out. Guess he couldn’t handle it on his own!!! He’s been asking and asking me to come back early… Now I have to, so he can bring me up to speed before his last day. So I will likely be doing half days the last three days of this week, then full time starting Monday. At least my vibrating foot spa (like the one the PT uses on me) is on its way via UPS. I will most definitely need it after the office!!!

I hope you all are doing well!
Hi, everyone! I hope today has been good for you...
Kathy, you posted while I was writing, so I missed it until now. I'm glad you're better today, and let your son know he has prayers that all goes well. Yeah, it's rough to have a mate gone, but more so when you're so dependent... Maybe by next weekend everything will be settled somewhat, and you can get some outdoor time in!
Deb, I am glad you posted, and so jealous of your working!!! You're no doubt going to sleep well tonight! Definitely take some pilows, and if you have a freezer, an icepak or 2. Good luck!
Mish, I've been wondering how you were, but figured you were getting out more. Glad you posted! Geez, your boss knows how to get his way, huh? Take it easy on yourself when you do go. I'm glad you're getting on with the business of recovery!
My Doc noted more space in the mortise than he'd anticipated, re-did the shot dorsiflexed, and was somewhat relieved. He guesses the medial ligaments are stretched, and it will be sloppy. This disturbs me, as he knew pre-op, and refused to "mess" with them. We'll see. Maybe they will tighten up when I walk again. ???
He is certain my pain isn't a nerve, says, in his opinion it is PF, and says weightbearing has nothing to do with it. I suppose its possible that it tightened with disuse, because I didn't have trouble with it before. ??? He did, however, permit a small wedge cut out of the heel, so maybe it will work.
Very conservative, he wants me nwb another month, (!!!) after which he anticipates putting me in a cam walker and permitting a slow, gradual return to walking, over a 3 to 4 week period.
I'm glad my boss is patient, cuz this is much longer than I'd anticipated! No real complaints, as I'd rather err on the side of caution than be back in a year looking for fusion. He really wants this to work for me, and I appreciate that!
Hope everyone is well today, look forward to hearing. Kim
[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Hi~ So good to hear from all of you!!! Today was a good day. My son had to be at the hospital at 5:30 A.M. for his hand surgery—Same hospital and same crazy time as I had. He insisted that he was fine about going alone, so I just came over when he got to Recovery. His surgery went very well. (He’s home now sleeping off the general anesthesia that was used.) My brother-in-law picked him up when he was released. I got myself to and from the hospital (less than a mile away) using my borrowed electric wheelchair. It was the first time I’d gone anywhere by myself. It was fun! It moves pretty fast—I need a little more practice in maneuvering in tight spaces like elevators, but did fine. It is a super beautiful day and I loved seeing and smelling all the flowers along the way. It was so good to be finally get outside again! (I can see why you really enjoyed the camping trip, Rina.) This afternoon I’m doing some computer work (with my feet up & iced), then tonight my small group from my church is coming over and bringing dinner. It’s been a fairly pain-free day in spite of the fact that I walked the most I have up to this point. My husband will be home tomorrow; we will all be very happy to see him. (He is my best friend too, Deb—A great guy-- and a great cook; much better than me. Our kids take after us; our son is far more interested in and good at cooking than our daughter.) The end of this week is when I am supposed to remove my bandages and can shower. (Yea!!!), I am also supposed try to find some gym shoes to wear then. I wondered about sensitivity—If it’s a problem I will try Ace bandages like you used, Deb. What kind of footwear are you wearing to work? What are Crocs? I wonder what causes the dryness—having had bandages on for so long??? I have a vibrating foot spa we got for Christmas from my sister-in-law, just a regular one like they sell at Target, etc. Is that what you are talking about, Mish mish? It was actually a gift for my husband, but he’s never used it-- I find it very relaxing; I like to use it at night before going to bed. Speaking of bed, that is so great that you were able to sleep 10 hours, Kim! I hope I get to that point. I have not been sleeping during the day since I got off the pain pills, but just laying around makes it hard to be able to fall asleep at night. Also, I wake up at least once or twice when my feet get in an uncomfortable position, bump into each other, etc. BTW, what is the shot dorsiflexed? How long do you think you’ll be using the cam walkers? I can’t believe that my doctor told me I could try gym shoes this weekend (2 weeks post-surgery). Originally I’d been told that I’d be using the surgical shoes for a month. Depending on how my feet feel, I will probably still use them, at least intermittently, for a while.(That bottom-of-the-foot pain sounds a bit scary.) Jules, I have some slippers that I have always found very comfortable—Isotoner Arch Contour Secret Soles. They are a mule type style, but because they’re flat (except for good arch support), they feel stable and don’t require toe gripping. There’s a small lip at the heel which also helps them stay in place. I’ve even worn them outside just to run to the garage, etc. It’s not immediately obvious that they are slippers if you get them in a color like black and the suede-like fabric rather than terrycloth, both of which are available. I think they’re pretty easy to find at Kohl’s, Penny’s, Sears, etc. If you’re not sure about size, I’d go a little bigger rather than smaller in size (even without accounting for swelling, etc.) Rina, it sounds like there’s a good chance you’ll be able to walk for your graduation! Wouldn’t that be great? We’ll be rooting for you. Well, this is an awfully long post, so I’m going to end. You are all in my thoughts and prayers—Look forward to hearing from you again soon. Kathy[/FONT][/COLOR]
I’ve been having the bottom of the foot pain, too – only I never walk without my special, sexy shoes (except flip flops, briefly, at shower time). I finally got double cushioned inserts for my shoes (those shoes really are hard inside!) and that has helped a little.

As for the foot spa, there are so many out there… I wanted to get the same one I’ve been using at the PT’s; but I wasn’t sure which model number it was, so I decided to just buy one that came with all the features I wanted: vibrating, heated (I hate when the water starts to chill!), and “massaging”. The one I got has some other stuff I didn’t really need, too. Search for “vibrating foot spa” and a bunch of different brands ranging from $20 - $40 will come up (mine was around $30, I think).

I haven’t yet been applying the Mederma because the wound on my right foot hasn’t closed 100% (which I discovered by applying Mederma some days back – EEE!!!). I’ve been trying to slough off the skin gently in the shower, then again with sturdy toilet paper over the trash while drying my feet. Then I put Neosporin on the cuts and body lotion on the rest of the foot. My PT took a Q-Tip to the scab areas Monday – after my fifteen minute soak in her foot spa – and gently cleaned the skin and loose scabs off for me. My feet look WORLDS better now – not so Frankenstein-like!

Last night I went online and bought other foot products for myself – a big splurge, given that my pay has been hurt by this whole thing. But I shopped from a great foot care catalogue (ultimately buying online at their website and another company’s, too). I’ve never spent $30 on slippers before; but I got super cushy, memory foam, terry slippers, plus supportive Easy Spirit sandals (also more than I’ve spent on sandals!). As I said to my mom, from now on I will be spending more to ensure that my feet are properly taken care of – at least on my everyday footwear. I also plan to eventually get supportive sneakers and sport sandals and at least one more pair of attractive sandals for work… (By the way, it’s hard finding products that are both foot-friendly and animal-free.)

I’m not taking these puppies for granted anymore!!! :nono:

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