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Hi Footsy,
It looks like you've gotten plenty of adivse on here already. I'm 7 weeks post op on my right foot, so my experience with healing is pretty recent. My doctor also advised on one at a time. From my own personal experience, I'm glad I did it this way. I've been a little impatient with the healing, but the bunion pain is GONE and I do look forward to having my left foot done next year.

I did not have my bone shaved. It was cut and two screws were put in, but no tendon cutting or anything. He just basically put my toe back where it should be. I was also told I could put weight on it the first day. I discovered this was NOT the case. Simply putting the heel on the floor while on the potty made me scream. I could never imagine having two.

Two problems I had: One- Nerve pain. It has pretty much gone away, but he said sometimes when they move the nerve to perform the surgery, it get's irritated. This lasted me 2 months, and NO pain medication took it away. Nerve pain feels like a skin burn that never goes away. Two: Swelling. Regardless of how much weight you put on it, the longer your body is in any standing position, or if you let your feet down, blood races to the feet and they begin to swell almost instantly. I am still experiencing this. Less than last month, but as I type this, I have my foot elevated. You know your feet will swell, but you don't imagine for how long. I only just stopped the ice packs a week ago. My foot is currently twice the thickness of my other foot. And still somewhat numb too. I just began wearing Nikes and Birkenstocks, but forget about normal shoes for probably 3-5 months. It's not that other shoes hurt, they just don't FIT because of swelling. And as the weather gets warmer in spring, that will not help you.

I reccomend buying at least 4 gel packs and turning your freezer way up so you can alternate them ;)

I'm glad your husband is offering to be so helpful. My husband was the same way. Of course after 4 weeks or so of doing EVERYTHING he had a little breakdown. He never realized how many little things I did, like the sweeping and grocery shopping etc. Not to mention he had to feed me every day. He still does quite a bit for me, but I'm glad to have some independece back.

I still have a bit of a limp, but overall I do not regret my decision to have it done. I just couldn't imagine not having at least one leg to hop on. I use my left foot while driving sometimes because it hurts to keep my fat one on the break during traffic. I hope everything works out for you. Keep us posted ok?
So I've been slowly preparing for this surgery, reading the posts and such. Today I bought my ugly surgical shoes, it's unfortunate that I'll have to wear these things for 2 months, I'm not so sure how I feel about this now. I get kinda excited to finally get it over and done with, but then I get scared reading some of the posts. I just want to someday be able to walk without pain, which my surgeon said would be 3 months after. I'm a little skeptical. I do fully intend on getting a wheel chair even though he insisted I wouldn't need it. I just don't know how I'm going to handle being so couped up all day inside. I think I'll lose my mind. My summers are usually filled with work, 7 days a week and long hours until I go back to school. I guess it's better if I get it done now while I'm young (23). Well, May2nd is getting closer and closer and I must say, I'm getting to be quite nervous, and really not sure what to expect. Has anyone had a good experience with a double bunionectomy? and if so how long til you could walk pain free again? I don't want to have the surgery if it's going to create extra problems.
rbstarr and footsy, i have not posted in a while. unfortunately, you read more good than bad on this board. most people without problems stop posting after some time. i had double bunionectomy, 6 hammertoes corrected with pins and also my pinky toes fixed, the works at one time.. i never had anyone saty overnite and i was able to go to bathroom myself from day one.the most important thing is to have a good attitude!!!!!!!!!!be positive, the mind and body are connected. i had my surgery on august 1 and am very happy. everyone thought i was crazy doing both feet together.i also have 8 permanent screws that do not set off at the airport. i regualrly wear stiletto shoes and platforms now. i was in sneakers for several months and respect my feet now, but still wear crazy heels. if you and your doctor agree, do both feet and get it over with. you dont want to go thru this twice if you dont have to. good luck and be positive. get in to bed post op bc you will have ankle blocks, you wont feel pain for a day or so. so, ice and elevate immediately after surgery and you will be pn road to a great recovery.
Kim, So glad you were able to sleep through the night and that you are feeling better. You feel so much better after a good night's sleep. I forced myself to stay awake during the day after the 4th day, so I wouldn't lay there during the middle of the night wide awake.

I'm supposed to work 6:30-4:30 and get every other Friday off. I worked till 2:30 with an hour for lunch. So I worked almost 8 hours, not quite.

Anyway, the bottoms of my feet are hurting pretty bad. I'm not sure if it's because I'm walking more or because at night I've started taking my shoes off and walk barefoot to the bathroom.

Also, I was able to move my toes more the first week after surgery than I can now. Now they seem much stiffer. I can't seem to bend them up or down like I was doing. They seem to be a little more swollen.

None of this compares to the pain right after surgery. Each day gets a little easier. Just wanted to write and see if anyone else is having these same problems. Thanks, Deb

Have a great day to all!! :)

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