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Well, yíall can add me to the list of summer bunionectomies. My surgery (double scarf bunionectomy) is scheduled for July 10. My husband will be home the 1st week, and then my sister is coming, although I donít yet know for how long. At least a week, I hope! My plan is to take 2 weeks off work for sure. After that, if I am able, I would like to try working at home. I only work 2 days a week, and I spend most of my time on a computer, so hopefully I can just do that sitting in bed with my feet up. My doc estimated that I wouldnít be able to walk 4 blocks to the train for 6 weeks, so when I do go back to work (maybe 4 weeks post), Iíll have to drive (and pay through the nose for parking).

Unfortunately, my 2-year-old may have a boring summer, stuck in the house with Mommy. I had thought about driving to the park, but he doesnít listen well (being a toddler), and I donít know what I would do if he ran off. At least he canít get very far *inside* the house. Or in our tiny back yard. My parents and mother-in-law live nearby, so they can help me take care of him. And there are family friends and extended family too. I guess I will have to learn how to ask for and accept help!

I have not given much thought to renting a wheel chair. I wouldnít need it for work, as the parking is right next door and my office is next to the elevator. I think I *will* ask about getting a temporary handicap parking permit.

I am nervous but also looking forward to having better feet.

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