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Hi! I am new here and am really confused and a little frustrated. I hope someone can help

So, here is my story..... On December 19, 2006 I had a MTP fusion of the big toe because of a severe bunion. My recovery went really well.....I did not experience much pain, I kept my foot up all the time so there really wasn't any swelling, and the toe looked great! WHen I had the fusion, I also had a hammertoe correction on the the 2nd toe. For the first 2 weeks I was in a cast up to my knee (NWB) and then in walking boot for the next 10 weeks (WB).
Typically, at least with my doc, the pins should come out in 6 weeks. Apparently, my foot liked the pins and they only began to become a little loose on the 8th or 9th week....which is when he decided to take them out. After that I noticed something was going wrong. I noticed that my big toe began to move back toward the position it was in before the surgery, but everyone else (including my parents, boyfriend, and doc) thought I was crazy.
After the 12 weeks, I was allowed to begin wearing "normal" shoes (basically, whatever I could get my foot into) again and I started PT. Now, 5 weeks later, my doctor agrees that the something went wrong. He told me that in about 30% of cases scar tissue and cartilage form instead of the actual fusion. Has anyone had this happen???? Now, he reccommends another surgery, but this time he will join the MTP with a screw that will stay in.
I am so frustrated with this. I am only 22 and am in grad school and trying to live a normal life; however, I feel like this has taken over my life. It has already been 4 1/2 months and now I am going to have to go through this all over, when I am not even healed yet.
Does anyone have any suggestions or has anyone gone through this?

Any help/advice would be great :wave:

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