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Hi, Ladies. :wave:
I'm glad to read your updates, it sounds like everyone is hanging in there! The showering/shaving would be hard without a seat. Even in a standard tub, you can fit a "card table" type folding chair, which is what I use. A drag to drag it out and dry it off, but easier than falling or bleeding!!! ;)
Jules, is your shower stall big enough for you to set one of those cheap plastic chairs like walmart garden dept sells? Just a thought. It won't fit in mine.
Deb, I'm sorry you're having it so rough. Are you totally locked down, or could you maybe do some part time, fewer hours or fewer days for a little while? I will keep you in prayer.
Rina, you did not psot about the shoes! Did you not find anything yet? Glad you didn't have trouble with the soapy water, but i don't think it would bother you now. At my visit, she gave me hot water with clorhexidine in it, it did not burn. My incisions are totally scabbed, don't know how yours are.
Kath, How is your son? Re the surprise guest, the rule in my house is, the first time you visit, you're company. After that, you're family, regardless of bloodlines or marriage certificates, LOL. Oh, about the cleaning, I'm in a wheelchair, and only have one bad foot, so I can do a lot. I eouldn't be able to on crutches. I DON'T sit still well at all unless you knock me out. I haven't done home health since last May, because I felt transferring patients was too risky for them and me. The company I was with is always hiring. Haven't been to the restaurant since January, when I was originally going to have the op. My boss isn't bugging me, because of how I work, and how a lot of the teens don't work, I will have a job when I'm ready. When I know I'm stable, I'll go back to home health, maybe do this part time in the summers.
Mish, I hope all is well with you. How are the bottoms of your feet? Post when you can.
Take care, everyone. K :angel:

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