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Yes, I am soooooooooooo glad I had both done at the same time. I had my awesome mother-in-law here to take care of me and my family. She left during her stay to go to my father-in-law's college reunion with him, but we managed those few days. I was able to hobble a little during that first week, and it's been increasing every day. Tomorrow is three weeks for me, and it seems like it's flown by. The worst part is not driving. I am guessing I will be able to drive after my appt. Wednesday. I found out so many helpful hints on how to manage the non-walking part, like bathing and things to think of for your helpers by reading these threads and getting to 'know' the others who've gone before us. I couldn't have done it without my MIL or the kind folks on these boards. I am also glad I got the surgery completed when I toes were bending in toward my other toes, and my doctor ended up not having to break my first bone, so my recovery time is shortened and my swelling and pain are not what I'd anticipated at all. I don't remember if I mentioned my age, but I am a 'young' 45...I want to get back out there and ride my bike, swim and take long walks again without pain and suffering.:D

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