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hey! I have had both feet operated on for the Taylor bunions. Form me, I found that the bunionectomy on my big toe (that I had last year) took LONGER to heal than the Taylor bunion. The bone by the pinkie toe is smaller and heals quicker. When I had mine done I didn't have screws, my pod just put a removable pin in. I was non-weight bearing for 3-4 weeks until the pin could be pulled, but once the pin was pulled I was walking around within a day or two. I had an easy recovery. I wish my bunion surgery (big toe) had gone that well!!
I also had both 1st and 5th MTP done at the same time. I have two permanent screws in the little toe bone which resulted in being nwb for 6 weeks initially. He said the screws are about the size of eyeglass screws in a tiny bone so it would be easy to break it before it heals. Had it just been the big toe (Keller procudure for arthritis) he said I wouldn't have been nwb at all. Now it's 3 1/2 years later and that part of my foot doesn't bother me a bit. Monday I'm having surgery #5 on the big toe though from a non-union of a bone graft fusion done last summer. But the little toe is just fine so far...:cool:

Best wishes for your recovery.

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