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Hi, Akitalyr~ I can only talk about the experience of doing both feet at once. I had mine done in mid-May. Most doctors are not enthusiastic about doing double bunionectomies; I think partly because they fear that their patients will not follow through in the necessary steps—or in this case, lack of them—for recovery. I promised to be good and was, but it required careful planning/preparation and help from my family. I chose to do both feet at once for several reasons—even though it was more time away from work initially, I felt that it would be less total time off than to have shorter recoveries from two different surgeries. Secondly, I knew that a huge part of recovery is to keep the foot elevated and iced—It’s pretty hard to get around while your foot is being elevated, so I figured why not elevate two feet at the same time. Same with pre-surgery exams & check-ups, dealing with side effects from anesthesia, pain drugs, etc.—Two for the price of one. I cannot imagine going walking to a train, up & down lots of stairs, etc. the second week after even just one bunionectomy. Aside from how you might be feeling, doing too much could slow or damage healing. I pretty much kept my feet up as much as possible the first and second weeks. Even after that, it’s a still good idea to elevate (and ice) whenever you can. My GUESS is that without a chauffeur, you would want and/or need to be off work for at least two weeks for one foot and three weeks for two. I had hammertoe corrections in addition to the bunionectomies and I felt that those little toes were slower to heal, so you may be on your feet faster, but probably not fast enough to handle your commuting issues much sooner. (How long a walk do you have to and from the train from your apartment and from your office?) Most people choose to have one foot done at a time, but I have absolutely no regrets about doing both at once. I’m doing great now, walking about two miles at a time, and already my scars (longer ones on the sides of my feet from the bunion surgery and little ones on the tops of my second toes from the hammertoe surgery) are very inconspicuous. Finding a good doctor is key. I used a podiatrist, but many people prefer OS surgeons who specialize in ankles & feet. You’ll find a lot of opinions, wisdom & experience, and information on this board if you go back and read some of the entries about bunionectomies. The Double Bunionectomy Questions threads (there are two) were a huge support to me throughout my experience. Best wishes.

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