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Hey I just saw your thread here, and I hope you didn't end up getting surgery.

Surgery is definitely a last resort for a many reasons, a couple are:
1) It's painful, and it takes a long time for your foot to fully recover.
2) It doesn't [I]correct[/I] the underlying problem, (usually related to your skeletal formation of the legs, and or ligaments/muscles) it just helps to realign your toe joint (makes it look "normal) and alleviate the pain.
3) The younger you are when you have the surgery, the more years of life you have ahead for the bunion to recur. Since the actual problem isn't corrected, many times the joint will return to it's abnormal alignment.

Unless the pain is severe, don't get surgery for aesthetic purposes. Some people who have had the surgery have their bunion recur within 1 year! I'm living with bilateral bunions. I wear orthotics, and they can help to slow down, or [I]possibly[/I] halt the progression of bunions. Whenever you wear shoes, you should wear the orthotics. It sucks in summer when sandals are nice to wear. (But I do have one pair of sandals that I can use my orthotics in, so it's not all bad)

Good luck to you! :D

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