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My first thoughts are that it's really not been very long since the surgeries. Top that with the fact you had BOTH done!! I'm not sure about the 'implant' either?? Hopefully others can help you with that...I'm certain they can actually. It seems between everyone, there's always someone who's "been there done that!":)
You can go back and read my posts and see how my progress went. Get ready for a few novels in there;).....I had sooooooome kinda cabin fever!whew!
Just for the brief of it I had one foot(buniectomies on both) done Nov 18 05 and the other Nov 10 05 and I know we all heal differently but it definitely took some time for me. Are you having to stand? That would most definitely be a problem. Sitting at a computer? I think you'll be able to handle.
As for the "string" you referred to.....I know exactly what you're talking about. I just called it a "cable." Felt more like a thick wired cable just bearing down between my big toe and second. Hurt like crazy and sooooooo uncomfortable. They gave me a nerve block a couple times though that really relieved it. I also remember having this feeling like a string(as opposed to the cable) wrapped around my big toe. Think it was the left one that was with. Amazing how you forget?????!!!!! Anyway.......obviously it went away with time.
I also had the numbness you're talking about. I remember waking up everyday and looking at my toes and with all my might trying to "will" them to move up and down and nope, just didn't happen. Then while they would hurt like crazy they'd feel numb at the same time. Weird...very weird.
I really started getting better during the physical therapy but frankly have still had a little this or that but nothing I feel I should complain about in comparison to what I was going to prior. I've said this over and over and sorry for the repetetiveness to those who read my novels:) but really if I didn't play tennis I don't feel I'd have any complaints or that they'd be very mild. The area around where the bunion was isn't numb anymore unless I've been on the tennis court awhile then it will strangely go numb on me. I just take off my tennis shoes during changeover in a match and kinda stretch my toes and then it's much better. Obviously it's not something that stops me from playing or continuing though. I'm thinking that will go away as well but just like the other it will take some more time. The other numbness did take awhile so just be patient with it. Don't overdo yourself and keep those icebags around!
You know better than anyone and you still have some time til the end of Sept so try not to make too many assumptions. It really amazed me how much I got better by the week once I got to that plateau on the healing chart. REALLY amazed me!
Take care and hopefully that helped.......time takes care of so much!!!

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