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Hi, Cindy. Did you have physical therapy after your surgery? My doctor wanted me bending my big toes a LOT starting only two weeks after my bunionectomies. One of my toes was rather stiff in the early weeks, but it's much more flexible now. (I still try to wiggle and bend them daily 3 & 1/2 months later just to keep them in shape.) I was just wondering if you were in a cast for two months and didn't do PT, if your toe wasn't able to develop the comfortable range of motion it should have? (I had no cast and was walking soon after surgery, but I could not say whether or not my procedure was as extensive as yours.) You might also ask about the screws. I was told that about 25% of patients have problems from them and have to have them removed. I wonder if the thickness you feel could possibly be from swelling? I know that some people continue to have significant swelling for 8 months, and few even up to a year, post-surgery. I'd check out all of the above, especially before getting the second foot done. I'm so sorry to hear about your husband. When it rains, it falls, huh? You guys will have more than enough opportunity to develop extra strength of character this fall-- especially in the area of patience-- but I hope you also get some help from family and friends and some times of rest & recreation. Best wishes, Kathy

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