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Hi. I'm new, hope I do this right. I fell down the stairs in March of this year, injuring my left big toe. Assumed it was broken, swollen big, lovely shade of purple/black. I did not go to podiatrist at first, waited several weeks, thought it would heal on its on. However, I was having a pain on the bottome (pad part) of the toe anytime I tried to walk normally on it. I went to a podiatrist, got xrays, he was unsure if it had been broken, wrapped it, told me to rest it, come back in a few weeks. Ended up at another podiatrist a few weeks later, she did a nerve block, didn't help, then ordered an MRI but mostly was unsure what the problem is. THe toe will bend, not all of the way but some, & it doesn't hurt to bend. THe only thing that hurts is trying to walk. In the meantime, I am walking on the side of my foot, developing a callous there. Got a boot for awhile, did not help. MRI did not show much, possible dead bone? Got referred to another podiatrist, got an ultrasound. Again, can't tell what's wrong. Pain is the same. Weekly alcohol injections in the toe for 6 weeks, not helping, then a steroid shot, also no good. Now seems slightly worse than to begin with. Ankle staying tired, callous on side of foot worse. Toe is always slightly swollen. I have been wearing flipflops since March. Surgery is scheduled by my pod for Nov, friends warning me to see ortho. surgeon first. Pod plans to maybe remove the part of the nerve in the toe? He is unsure what's in there, might have to open toe from both sides. I am getting unsure about this, but have to do something. Sick of this problem. Any ideas?? Thank you , sorry this is so long.

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