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My feet hurt everyday with weight bearing. I have had bunions for as long as I can remember, and my arches are collapsed. I had a bone scan done a few years back for another problem, and the doctor said I had a fracture of the first metatarsal. I don't remember ever having an injury that would have fractured my foot. The doctor didn't say much about it. That foot does hurt more than the other, and there is a bony bump where the fracture was (it doesn't really hurt to touch, just when I put weight on it).

I have foot pain all the time in both feet, mainly on the top of the feet. It is definitely worse when I get up from laying down. My feet also hurt when I go to lay down-they get really hot and red (hot to touch) and sometimes it gets so bad that I have to run cold water over them. It is worse in hot weather. I have found a lot of information about pain on the bottom of the feet and heels, but not a lot of what causes pain on the top of the feet. Is it my bunions or arches or something else? I am 37 and the foot pain started about 12 years ago, but didn't get really bad until the last 5 years. I did a lot of standing at my previous job (10 years). I have other medical issues and just want ONE of my problems to go away. My doctor doesn't seem to say much about it, my insurance sucks, and I just want some direction.


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