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I have tried to search some old threads and must say that I am completely freaked out by what I've read. Let me try to give you a quick synopsis of how I ended up here.

I had a Brostrom repair, right ankle in Jan 2006. That went well and I recovered well. Even the OS was amazed. However as part of my "rehab" for the r ankle, I began experiencing pain in the left ankle, inner side. Went back to the regular ortho (who referred me for the r ankle surgery) in July. Post tib tendonitis, confirmed by MRI. No tears, no other damage. The pain and burning subsided, but still extreme tenderness on the inner side, along with some stiffness toward the Achilles tendon. Repeat MRI shows the following:
-Mild plantar fasciitis
-Intact post tib tendon, mild inflammation, tenosynovitis
-Accessory navicular bone
-Tarsal coalition
-Mild arthritis

I am awaiting a CT scan to determine if the tarsal coalition involves bone or soft tissue. At least, this is my understanding. I am usually pretty "hip" to medical terminology and can catch on fast, but for some reason, this is really throwing me.

The pain and stiffness seem to be getting worse each day. My tendons and ligaments, across the board, are on the "loose" side anyway. We have tried custom orthotics, PT, etc., and the pain will NOT go away.

I know resection is usually reserved for younger patients (I am 31), but he did mention that was still a possibility for me. But also mentioned fusion (can't remember the med term for it).

I am sick to my stomach in reading some of these posts and research. My OS is fantastic and I trust him completely. He really sat down with me and tried to explain things, but since we are awaiting the CT scan, there is still some degree of uncertainty.

Please share your stories, good and bad, with resection and fusion, recovery time, etc. I have 2 young children (8 and 3) and not a whole lot of family close by to assist. However, at the rate I am going, I'm not sure how long this can wait.

I will keep searching old threads, but wanted any opinions, stories, that you could offer. Has anyone had more than one issue addressed at a time? Is an inpatient stay required? How common is this condition? I've read in places they estimate it affects 1% of the population, bu since many people can remain asymptomatic, that this is a conservative estimate.


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