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I've had foot surgery, and had excellent results... it wasn't bunionectomy, but I was in the hospital a couple of days and went home with a non-removable splint--surgery on Monday, in the doc's office on Friday for incision check and full non-weightbearing cast.

Now, I'm pre-physician assistant and have been shadowing the ortho department in a large hospital--and love it! We do see a lot of patients with infections, but even a slightly spiked temperature 3 days out of surgery for our patients isn't a certain sign of infection. It would take at least a few days for an infection to grow... so I think today at LEAST would be too early to see infection.

The nerve block too works as a vasodilator, dilating all the tiny and large vessels in the foot that bring blood to the area and heat--which is another, probably more practical (at this time) reason for the heat in the heel. As the effects wear off, the heat and redness will start to dissipate.

As a pre-PA, I wouldn't worry about it yet, but as a patient, I too would probably call the doc just to be on the safe side tomorrow afternoon if you're still worried. Are you on prophylactic antibiotics? She may not write a script for them yet, but I'd feel better too if I knew how to get ahold of her over the weekend if problems arise. (I had a DPM sever a nerve during a small, in-office procedure on a Thursday, and I knew by night that something was wrong, but kept telling myself I was paranoid. By the time I waited to call during the weekend--it was over Memorial Day weekend--I would get his office with no pager # or answering service--my confirmation that he really was a crappy doc. Even though I am in wonderful hands now, my ortho knows that I still feel a lot better if I have a contact number on the weekends :))

My ortho is a big proponent of prophylactic antibiotics; a lot aren't. However, after seeing what I see now, the Keflex he gives IV post-op and orally 3 for a few weeks post-op is better, in my opinion, than having to deal with Staph (MRSA) and PICC lines and having to use big-gun antibiotics such as Vancomycin when you are in full-blown infection... but that's just my humble, pre-PA opinion... Hope you feel better and that things go well! Keep up updated!


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