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[QUOTE=mel1977]I have Plantar Faciitis. It sucks. I have tried everything under the sun. I stretch before I get out of bed, I stretch when I am out of bed. I have arch supports in my shoes, I have to put padding in my tennis shoes too or my heels hurt so bad! I don't get much pain in my actual arch, but on the inside lateral part of my heels. I tried birkies, they were great, but man, the heels were really bad. Then I tried crocs-AWESOME. Until my knees hurt more bc there is no support for the ankle and so forth. So, then I bought 135 dollar ASICS-was told they were about the best shoe. With in a week, I had put in the arch supports and xtra padding and now I barely get through my shift w/o pain. And I take pain meds for my chronic pain/fatigue from back surgery. they aren't any better than my 45 dollar New balance. ANyway-any other ideas?
Also, i have seen these strap on arch supports. I am thinking of getting them to wear with my flip flops in the summer. Any one tried them?? I have only seen them in magazines.
thanks :)[/QUOTE]
Hey there--I had heel pain so bad I would cry when my heel hit the ground in the morning. I went through a bunch of physical therapy, which didn't work, and then my PT turned me on to a treatement called ASTYM. It's basically a deep-tissue treatment that WORKS. You might check out to see about it. I had nine treatments two years ago, and I haven't had plantaar fasciitis since. I really, really recommend this therapy. Oh, and if you have a healthcare manager at your job, you might see if your work will pay for your therapy!!!

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