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Wow, you got back to work so quickly after surgery! That is impressive!

I think everyone is so different in healing time. First of all, my doctor told me I could put weight on my heel immediately-- but there was no way! (Clearly my doctor has never actually HAD this surgery herself.)

I used crutches for the first week. Then the doctor gave me a surgical boot (aircast) that I could walk around in with weight on my heel. Now I am 3 weeks post-op and just getting to the point where I can take a shower with my bare heel on the shower floor without too discomfort. But I will need the aircast or a sturdy shoe for a while to walk.

What type of footwear do you have on your foot? I think you just have to do whatever you can do without pain and try to be patient.
Let me add my 2 cents depends on the procedure and your doctor's orders. Plus, everyone is different. After my surgery, I had minimal pain for two days and nothing thereafter. But, I was NWB for 8 weeks which meant crutches for the entire time. After that, when I was partial weight bearing, I used one crutch to ease my way back walking. Everyone is different and every doctor has different procedures. Listen to your doctor and your body.

Good luck and speedy healing.

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