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Hi Cathy - do you know what kind of bunionectomy you had done? I'm 12+ weeks out (Oct 18th) from a Lapidus procedure and I was in a "half" cast for 2 weeks and then a rocker boot for 6 more weeks. At 8 weeks I attempted a sneaker and after a few days I could wear it all day. I still have ankle swelling - foot not too bad. My ankle looks great in the morning when I get up but by night I can make "dents" in it and I wear a compression sock all the time.

I can't really say I had pain in my foot but it was numb for the longest time and all the feeling is still not back. However I am very happy with the outcome. My foot looks great and I don't have pain when I walk. I walked the "mall" for a couple hours last night and my foot was fine. I still find it hard to move the big toe by itself and have been manipulating it as much as I can to increase the range of motion. I found the 8 week mark to be the big turning point in recovery. Before that I was very depressed because Christmas was coming and I had nothing done, but it all worked out in the long run.

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.


PS - I'm 57 - almost 58 - and when I get up in the morning I find it hard to move also but that is not from my foot. My podiatrist told me there was a lot of arthritis in my foot and I'm assuming it is elsewhere in my body also (like my knees that give me trouble) so I can't blame that on my foot. He was able to remove the arthritis from the one joint when he did the bone fusion.

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