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I had my 8 week appointment today, and everything looks good! The bone is healing well, the scar is fading nicely, and the doctor gave me clearance to resume my normal activities and shoes as tolerated. He said to continue with the therapy and call with any problems, wished me well and sent me on my way.

I've been quietly freaking out for the past couple of weeks because my big toe is once again coming into contact with the next toe over, especially after a day in sneakers. The bump is less pronounced than before the surgery, but I do still have a curve, and it seems to be getting more pronounced as the swelling goes down. My doctor told me (as others here have reassured me :) ) that lining things up ruler-straight would be unnatural and would cause problems with shoes. He also said that my big toe itself is slightly crooked, something I had never noticed before but was beginning to suspect, because it just didn't seem possible that the metatarsal could be drifting when two screws were holding it in place! But he said fixing the toe would have required breaking that bone too (phalange?) I'm happy with the way my foot looks, and can definitely live with my crooked toe, just so it doesn't mean the bunion is returning!

The joint is still a bit painful at times. I also get a jolt when I instinctively stomp the snow off my shoes upon entering a building - yikes! The nurse asked if I was having any pain, but when I said I wasn't taking anything for it she didn't pursue it further. So I guess that's normal, and will fade in time? Maybe I'm just doing a little more than I should be at this point? Advice, anyone?

It's also still swollen, especially at the end of the day. My sneakers are comfortable, but yesterday I tried wearing flat Mary Jane type shoes (yeah, without the doctor's blessing just yet, but I was sure it was coming!) I got my foot into it, but it looked like a stuffed sausage, and after walking about ten steps I decided to just wear my sneakers to church one more time.

But other than a little pain and swelling, I really don't think much about my foot any more. It seems almost impossible that less than 2 months ago I was hobbling around, using crutches and icebags, trying to keep blankets off it at night, dealing with a Steri-strip reaction, showering with a plastic bag - wow. How did I do all that? I guess I've gone right back to taking "able-bodied" for granted. Anyway, for those of you who have just started the recovery process - there is hope! Hang in there! :)

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