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Two years ago, my big toe swelled up and the nail stopped growing. I went to the doctors and they said it wasn't infected, it was just inflamed and told me to take anti-inflammataries.

Then it started oozing pus and the nail turned yellow. So i went back to the doctor and they gave me antibiotics. The swelling went down and i started to grow a new nail.

The new nail took a whole year to grow out and the last bit of the old nail became loose. Then when it had grown fully, it bacame infected again, so i got some more antibiotics. After that, i started growing another new nail and my toe swelled up again.

Now my old nail has turned yellow. I went to the doctors a couple of weeks ago and they gave me antibiotics, even though there was no pus coming out. It didn't take the swelling down, but now there is pus coming out. It's not yellow, it's white, whatever that means.

So i'm thinking of going back and asking them to remove the nail along with my root to stop it from happening again.

Has anyone has this done? Are there any complications with it?

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