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I had reconstructive foot surgery because of a broken sesimoid under my toe, not to mention flat feet, because the broken bone was splintering into a nerve a would walk on my exterior of my foot. I had this pain forever like 2 years.. from walking on the foot the wrong way i created a deformation were my 2nd toe crossed my big toe. I went to see a podiatrist and he said "you need bunion surgery so i scheduled. 2 days later I went to see a orthapedic surgeon and he said you dont need bunion surgery you reconstructive foot surgery.
I'm 2 months post op now I have 2 screws fusing my big toe, I had a 6" pin going through my 2nd toe to the middle of my foot(that they pulled out with out pain killer) However I lost feeling in all my toes so it didnt really hurt I just felt alot of pressure. I also got a calf extension. I cant wait for pt I have a boot that i walk in. I get major swelling and ice my foot. My biggest problem is the 2nd toe has not healed from the surgery, the skin is open and it wont close so there is old blood and a scab there.
I dont wont to scare you this surgery wasnt that bad the worst part is the first doctors visit after the surgery when you see your foot for the first time and the doctor says stand up lets put some pressure on it. I nearly cried my wife was like come on suck it up, I told her and the doctor to shut the eff up, which is completely out of character for me but like I said thats the worst day.

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