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A podiatrist attempted to relieve some pain in my metatarsal area because I have a severe hammertoe (on the big toe). Ive had many major surgeries done on both feet since I was a young child due to deformed feet at birth. I was born with no arches which caused huge bunions and crooked toes. When I had my arches built up at the age of 19 I stopped getting bunions, however my left foot never took to that surgery and they had to redue it again. I had a pin break off in it(left foot) after my first major surgery(age 13) and I dont know if thats what has caused some of my problems today). I seen an orthopedic surgeon back in Nov and he wanted to fuse my big toe and put pins down the other 4 to try and correct the deformity, but I chose the podiatrist because he thought I was too young for a fusion and suggested his route because it wasnt as extensive. Well, now I have a worse hammertoe because of taking the sesamiod bone out. I dont think Im going to get out of that major surgery (fusion and pins) but I want to buy some time for awhile. I was just curious to see if anyone had a sesamoid bone removed. Thank you for your responses.

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