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I am so sorry that you've had such a difficult time with your foot surgeries, its is very unfortunate.

I worked for years as a paralegal for a large malpractice firm in the northeast, and the attorney I worked for handled many botched bunion surgeries and successfully settled several during my time with the firm. Malpractice cases of any kind, including foot surgeries, are tricky because an independent medical expert must confirm that there is merit to the claim, i.e. they must sign a "writ of merit" which indicates that an actual mistake was made....and unfortunately, complications after surgery are not always due to mistakes - they are often risks which come with the territory. (My background in this made my decision to move forward with surgery all the more difficult, but I eventually decided for myself, that it was time to take steps to correct my problems, and I personally am glad that I did).

Perhaps a visit with an orthapedic surgeon would offer new perspective?

I hope that you can find help with your feelings of depression, it is important to treat these feelings as seriously as any disease or injury....they are real and can cause more damage and pain than your feet! Don't hesitate to talk to a doctor about those feelings...any doctor...they will hopefully be able to point your toward assistance if they cannot offer any themselves. If that is not an option, perhaps a local counseling agency or non-profit can offer some needed aide.

I hope that things improve for anyone new to the boards and contemplating surgery, please read a variety a posts, you will find that all of us have had different experiences....and ALWAYS base any decisions you make for yourself on your own expectations, doctor's advice, ability to take time to heal (you need a lot of this!), and what you feel is best for you.
I have had multiple surgeries on my foot.........and I had a pod that chopped me up. I understand you being mad........I really do. I was angry too.
That being said I have been BLESSED with a FANTASTIC pod now that was able to fix my botched foot... I ended up with a toe barely sticks up and I have adjusted really well to it and can do alot of things I couldnt do before . I would be in bad shape if it werent for my current pod.......I am sorry you had such bad experience's.

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