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My 16 year old had a double bunion surgery in November. She struggled through going to school in a wheel chair for a month, then on to crutches and only missed four days of school. Now she is trying to play softball. Her doctor told her she would never run normally again. Has anyone been able to run after bunion surgery? She has constant pain while playing ball and the doctor told her as long as she was going to push it she would have to deal with the pain. Does it ever get better, so that you can run without pain? She is thinking about giving up sports entirely.
I don't know exactly what your daughter's surgery entailed, but I had a double bunionectomy last spring and I can't imagine her feet were worse than mine; I had had my bunions for decades and my doctor described them as "significantly severe." (I also had to have surgery for hammertoes because my big toes went over so far that they had pushed under the next toes.) I can easily run now-- at least as much as a 57 year old woman can run!-- and I don't see why your daughter shouldn't eventually be able to run normally. I have no pain and I do [I]walk[/I] for miles. Four months post-surgery is a little early for full recovery. I was doing pretty well at that point, but was not trying to participate in full-out sports. I was told that it could take 8-12 months to get past all swelling and other issues. I would recommend that your daughter continue to elevate and ice her feet when she has pain and that she is careful about the kind of shoes she wears. I bet that she will be fullly healed and able to enjoy sports by at least fall.

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