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Hi ankle buddies-

Well, I went ot the OS Friday. Good and bad news (per usual, eh). I am finally out of the boot and into two ankle braces. Only need to use the boot if I go out for extended periods or while I am swim practice (they are not thriled with the fact that I want to get in the pool and work with my disabled athletes, but said they knew I would probably do it anyway;) )Still have to use the crutches, mainly for balance and minimally for support (esp as the day wears on).
Still in PT with orders for more strenth and gait and balance work. My balance has been so bad for so long and was a small issue before the last injury (3/06) that they really suspect a contributing problem. They think I may have a neuromuscular disorder or possibly lupus. And the arthritis is progressive and fairly severe (altho the clean-up he just did and the Celebrex should help). Have to stay on Neurontin and the nerve dmage will get better after a while but they said he doesn't think it will resolve 100% since I have had problems for over a year and the EMG shows damage.

Needless to say I am a bit fearful of all of this. They beleive the baance will get moderately better but is now a permanent problem I have to work around. I go back to OS in a month and will most likely be sent to a neurologist for further evaluation re: balance and other issues that have been happening the last few years. They are waiting amonth so the balance can get somewhat stabilized to let the neuro do an accurate assesment. Told me I will need 6 months to a year to heal from this latest surgery and foot will be functional, albeit limited and always somewhat painful. Oh great, no true fix. At least I will get "functional" as they say - that's something to be thankful for and to work toward.

Am still facing joint replacement or fusion in a few years and the left foot needs reconstruction. The surgery for the left ankle will most likely be in 6 months or so after the right foot heals enough to take full weight 100% of the time. I chose a while ago to put off fusion for as long as I can stand it.

Oh well, I am just happy to be out of the boot and weight bearing. Not quite able to easily do total weight bearing now that I am not in the boot, but I figure this will resolve fairly quickly with more PT. I have been dealing with this dang foot for over a year now and it is beccoming my full-time job what with PT, always wearing something on the foot and hauling around crutches. I do tend to forget that I am only 6 weeks post-op. I keep thiinking "But, it has been 13 months..."

Getting a bit "affected" by all of this. I have times I get so mad or depressed that I almost want to cry or scream. It just doesn't seem fair to know my sports life is over and I will always have to deal with a bum foot/feet. Sports was an outlet for me and a part of my life since I was a child. I am not sure how to "let go" of this part of me. I don't feel disabled even tho they keep trying to get me to accept it. Some days I am fine and happy and other days I just am in a weird funk. Geesh! Anyone else feel this way?

(soory so long- just had to "dump")

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