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Are you on any anti-inflammatories? Aleve, Celebex, Mobic, etc? How much cartilege did you have left and did they drill holes in it to promote regrowth?
I assume you did exercises or PT after your surgeries? That is very important!

I had lost about 1/2 of mine and after 4 years I really feel like it has regenerated some. The joint feels better. However, full recovery, according to my doctor, takes about 12 months. So at 6 months, you aren't there yet. At 6 months I was still on Vioxx. Went on Mobic after that was taken off the market which I stayed on for about a year. I then decided to try Aleve and it seems to do the job. I take two every morning and 2 20 minutes before I run in the afternoons.
Hi lebaron13 -

I have the same problem you have with my big toe. It's called Hallux Rigidus......I am taking Aleve regularly which is helping quite a bit. I have lost approximately 1/2 of my cartilage. Interestly, my toe is beginning to "auto fuse". My local POD tells me that the body has the ability to shut down the process and eventually the joint can fuse on it's own. That is if I live long enough!

While I live in NE PA now I am originally from Rumson and lived in Middletown for several years. There is a great POD in your area, Dr. Robt. Lillie, in Long Branch. I drove down to see him as my sister lives in the area. I saw him this summer and have considered having him do my surgery and stay with my sister for the recovery period. A cheilectomy was originally recommend for me by an Ortho. Surgeon. However, Dr. Lillie told me that the cheilectomy would not address the loss of cartilage. The procedure would be temporary at best. So he recommend either an implant which would preserve the length of my toe but can wear out or the Keller Procedure which has been around for many years. Usually not recommended for active people but with special orthotics that support the other structures of the foot now bearing additional weight, etc, the procedure is very successful. Everyone I know that has had the Keller has been very pleased with their results and they are very active.

Best of luck with your problem.

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